Annual Report 2022

Photo Captions and Attributions

Main Photo
Students from Yale’s FLI Community.
Photo One
Students from historically black colleges participated in a weeklong program at Yale this month to learn about career opportunities in conservation of cultural heritage. (Photo by Jon Atherton)
Photo Two
The papers of Yale College president Thomas Clap show that at least five enslaved men worked Connecticut Hall, completed in 1752. These Black men have been ignored in previous histories of Yale. (Source: Teanu Reid PhD ‘23, Yale and Slavery Working Group member). This photo is of Connecticut Hall on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, around 1905-1910. (Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Company Collection)
Photo Three
“Jethro a blackman, Farmer.” Detail, Plan of the Town of New Haven With All of the Buildings in 1748. New Haven, 1806. The New Haven Museum, 2008 112. The map shows the location of the freedman Jethro Luke’s property on what is now the Jean Pope Memorial Park, facing the Yale Law School. While enslaved, Luke had been employed in the construction of Yale College’s Connecticut Hall. Originally produced in manuscript in 1748, the image was engraved in 1806 by Thomas Kensett, husband to Elizabeth Daggett. It offers one example of the complex histories of race and slavery within the the university and New Haven communities.
Photo Four
Students outside Jonathan Edwards College. (Photo from Yale’s Campus Photos Collection)
Photo Six
Staff of La Casa Cultural: Latino Cultural Center at Yale. Founded in 1974, Casa Boricua, Inc.—which became La Casa Cultural in 1977 upon moving to its current location at 301 Crown Street—was established by Yale University after a group of Puerto Rican undergraduates and local Puerto Ricans voiced the need for a facility that would promote cultural and educational events related to the Puerto Rican experience.
Photo Seven
Postdocs at a private curated tour of Yale’s extensive art collections.
Photo Eight
Dawn Smith, Associate Director for Technical Services, Law School. Recent graduate of the Emerge program.
Photo Nine
Screenshot from the Yale Alumni Association IMPACT 2 Conference held virtually in 2021.
Photo Ten
President Peter Salovey touring some of the Yale Urban Resources Initiative (URI) community garden sites with director Colleen Murphy-Dunning. (Photo from Yale’s Campus Photos Collection)
Photo Eleven
Hewitt Quadrangle at night. (Photo from Yale’s Campus Photos Collection)
Photo Twelve
Yale College students Phoebe Cardenas and Luis Mendoza Perez use American Sign Language to communicate during a class this semester. (Photo by Dan Renzetti)
Photo Thirteen
Students on Cross Campus. (Photo from Yale’s Campus Photos Collection)
Photo Fourteen
Student in class. (Photo from Yale’s Campus Photos Collection)
Photo Fifteen
1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs Yale College student intern Martina Amate Perez ’23.
Photo Sixteen
Members of the Yale Women’s Field Hockey team.
Photo Seventeen
Carpenter apprentice Lakiya Gaye at work. (Photo by Ronnie Rysz)
Photo Eighteen
Working with Yale University Properties, Neville Wisdom, owner of Neville Wisdom Fashion Design Studio, was able to combine his retail storefront and manufacturing operations at one downtown location at 27 Broadway. (Photo: Yale University Properties)
Photo Nineteen
ROTC Oath of Enlistment Ceremony. (Photo from Yale’s Campus Photos Collection)
Photo Twenty
Belonging at Yale campaign poster created by Office of Public Affairs and Communications.
Photo Twenty-One
NAACP Harmony Classic football game.
Photo Twenty-Two
My Story Map created by Office of Public Affairs and Communications.
Belonging at Yale