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City Rewritten: The Oak Street Connector and Urban Renewal in New Haven

“City Rewritten: The Oak Street Connector and Urban Renewal in New Haven” explores the effects of the formative era of urban renewal on New Haven’s urban landscape and social history. Urban renewal was a progressive vision aimed at revitalizing a city’s economy, beautifying the urban landscape, removing residents from substandard living conditions, and promoting racial integration. However, historians and urban planners have largely viewed the policy as a failure, one that disproportionately displaced impoverished Black people and reinforced patterns of segregation.

Yale v. Holy Cross Halftime Show: Día de Independencia Mexicana !

Come celebrate Mexican culture & independence at the Yale vs. Holy Cross football game halftime show! This Latine Heritage Month performance showcases an exciting narrated collaboration between Mariachi Lux Et Veritas de Yale and the Yale Precision Marching Band. Come help us indulge in the rhythms of Mexican Independence on Saturday, September 16th at the Yale Bowl.

Automating Injustice

In this virtual presentation, Dr. Abeba Birhane will address the ways that individuals and groups at the margins of society pay the highest price when AI systems fail, while the most privileged and powerful corporations benefit.

"Just the Right Time to Make Such a Collection": Building a Japanese Research Library at Yale in the 1870s

Beginning in the fall of 1875, Yale Library accessioned more than 3,000 woodblock-printed Japanese volumes across a wide range of fields and genres—the first collection of its kind in the United States.

This talk details the involvement of several Yale faculty members, including Addison Van Name, O. C. Marsh, and J. Willard Gibbs, in initiating and funding this undertaking. It also explores the key role played by a group of Japanese students who lived in New Haven in the early 1870s in assembling the collection, shipping it halfway around the world, and cataloging its contents.

Yale Library Book Talk: Jill Newmark, "From Ivy League to US Navy: Richard Henry Greene, Black Civil War Surgeon"

Historian Jill Newmark will discuss her research on Richard Henry Greene, the first African American to graduate from Yale University and a key figure in her new book Without Concealment, Without Compromise: The Courageous Lives of Black Civil War Surgeons.

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