Women at the Dawn of History

Tens of thousands of cuneiform texts, monumental sculptures, and images on terracotta reliefs and cylinder seals cast light on the fates of women at the dawn of history, from queens to female slaves, living at the bottom of society. In the patriarchal world of ancient Mesopotamia, women were often represented in their relation to men—as mothers, daughters, or wives—giving the impression that a woman’s place was in the home.

"How to Make a Dress: Domestic Labor, Internationalism, and the Radical Pedagogy of Elizabeth Catlett"

In “How to Make a Dress,” Christina Heatherton examines the early life of legendary artist, Elizabeth Catlett. Tracing her lesser known path through Chicago’s South Side Community Arts Center and Harlem’s Washington Carver School during the Great Depression, and later, the Taller de Gráphica Popular, a Mexico City based internationalist art collective, Heatherton observes Catlett’s development as a radical artist and teacher.

Imagining a Future of Public Abundance

How can we imagine a future of public abundance? We are in a moment ripe with both possibility and danger. On the one hand, there has been a upsurge in efforts to provide and fund a broad range of public goods, evident in demands for free public higher education, mass transit, Medicare for All, Universal Pre-K, water rights and protections, reparations, the Green New Deal, public control of utilities, and many others. Moreover, privatization and market-based programs no longer have the same authority as catch-all solutions.

Journalism and Human Rights: Fighting Back Against Disinformation

The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will host the Visiting Fellow Discussion Forum, “Journalism and Human Rights: Fighting Back Against Disinformation,” featuring journalist Maria Ressa. The talk will be moderated by Jackson Senior Fellow Amb. Harry Thomas.
The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required.
Ressa has been a journalist in Asia for more than 30 years. In 2012, she co-founded Rappler.com, now one of the leading online news organizations in the Philippines. Previously, Ressa was CNN’s bureau chief in Manila and Jakarta.

Pan Asian American Heritage Month 2020 Keynote

Fierce activist and icon Cecilia Chung’s keynote for Pan Asian American Heritage Month 2020 is entitled, “View from the Intersection: How race and gender impact my American life.”

As an Asian transgender woman living with HIV, she is an internationally recognized civil rights leader and pioneer who has dedicated herself to ending stigma, discrimination, and violence in all communities. Cecilia’s life story was portrayed in the ABC miniseries, When We Rise.

Digital Accessibility Office Hours *NEW*

UPDATED: Location now via Zoom
Have a question about digital accessibility? Want a person to show you what you need to do in real time? Visit our monthly office hours to get hands-on assistance with your websites, your documents, your social media, communications, and more. Learn how to use Siteimprove, or get a manual check on that flier you’re about to send to the printer. Let us refresh your memory on making your PDFs screen-readable. You get the idea.
No appointment necessary
Join through Zoom:

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