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VIRTUAL: AACC 40th Anniversary Virtual Kick-off Event

The Yale Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) turns 40 this year! Join us on Wednesday, May 12th from 4:00-6:30pm EST for a virtual kick-off as we celebrate 40 years of the AACC serving as a dreaming and organizing space for Asian and Asian American Yalies. You’ll have an opportunity to hear from AACC students, administrators, alumni, and faculty as we reflect on our shared histories, the power of student activism, and discuss frameworks that will help us effectively respond to ongoing anti-Asian violence in the U.S.

The Kurds in the Middle East: Regional Power Competition and the Kurds

The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, in partnership with the nonprofit organization Justice for Kurds, will host a four-part virtual discussion series on “The Kurds in the Middle East.”
Panel discussions will feature an impressive array of American, European, and Middle Eastern practitioners, including senior Kurdish representatives from Iraq and Syria.

VIRTUAL: Climate Equity, Explained

Global environmental expert Susan Tambi Matambo (MEM ‘04) joins Lydia Monk (Pierson ‘24) and Nicholas Perez (JE ‘24) to break down the disparities in climate impacts and solutions, and what can be done about it.
This is one of five Live Explainers being held during Yale Earth Week 2021. To register for these and other events, please visit!

VIRTUAL: Anti-Chinese Immigration and Apocalypse in US History

Since its “discovery,” America has been imagined as a heavenly destination, identified with the New Jerusalem of the Bible as a paradise and refuge. This apocalyptic metaphor has also helped create exclusionary and violent policies against unwanted people groups. This talk by Professor Yii-Jan Lin, Assistant Professor of New Testament at the Yale Divinity School, will focus on US policies and attitudes toward Chinese immigration and the influence of apocalyptic metaphors and conceptualizations of America.

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