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Trust in Translation: The Story behind "Welcome to the New World", Naji Aldabaan, Jake Halpern, Mohammed Kadalah, and Professor Kishwar Rizvi

Based on the New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic story of a refugee family who fled the civil war in Syria to make a new life in America, this acclaimed novel follows the Aldabaan family as they start a new life in Connecticut. Panelists in this event will examine the role of translation, both linguistic and cultural in the context of refugee resettlement.
Naji Aldabaan | Hall High School
Jake Halpern | New York Times
Mohammed Kadalah | Department of Modern Languages and Literature, Santa Clara University

Women United's Day of Caring: Mayo School

Women United Mayo School Supply Drive - Support Young Students and Their Families While Learning Remotely

Adapting our tradition of reading to students at Dr. Reginald Mayo Early Childhood School (185 Goffe Street, New Haven, CT 06511), this year we will be inspiring students and educators virtually. Young learners need supplies to support their interactive, hands-on learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers use these specific materials during their live virtual class sessions. Children will be able to complete follow-up activities with your support!

2020 US Marine Corp Toys for Tots Collection

Due to the uptick in cases and change to COVID restrictions we will not be hosting a “Drive-up” toy collection but online donations only. Please see the attached flyer to send out to your departments, contacts, and post on social media sites.

Thank you to all our partners Yale Police Department, Yale University, Yale Veterans Network, New Haven American Legion Post 210, WYBC 94.3, Cricket Wireless, and the US Marine Corps Reserves New Haven unit as we look forward to working with you to keep making this a success and in the years to come.

VIRTUAL: Kristina Wong for Public Office: On Race, Gender, and Comedy in Electoral Politics

Performance artist, comedian, and elected representative Kristina Wong is taking her raucous campaign online to arouse civic engagement and counter-hijack our democracy! An actual elected representative of Koreatown in Los Angeles, she was once a scrappy performance artist with a bright future in reality television. Now, the political system she used to ridicule is the one she’s become!!! Is she more effective as a performance artist or a politician? Is there actually a difference between performance art and politics? Can she Abolish ICE?!

Beyond Hard Power: Ten Years of Academic Engagement with North Korea, Pyongyang’s Motives and its Implications

The talk will examine the knowledge sharing engagement with North Korea in the last ten years of the Canada-DPRK Knowledge Partnership Program (KPP). It will explore the results of engagement in terms of types of activities, channels, its impact, as well as the motives of North Korea, which led to these engagement activities. The talk will also discuss the implications of these engagement efforts for future relations with Pyongyang.

VIRTUAL: Beyond the Ballot: Local Matters

Join us for the second event in our “Beyond the Ballot” intercultural civic engagement series, co-hosted and co-sponsored by the Afro-American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center, La Casa Cultural, Native American Cultural Center, and the Community Initiative. This Thursday’s event will highlight the importance of local politics, voter registration and civic engagement with a panel discussion followed by a live Q&A. While this election day has important national implications, we must also recognize and understand the impact local officials have on our daily lives.

The Gendered Pursuit of Individualism: What Children Mean in Contemporary Urban China

Reproduction links the personal and the political. Individuals make reproductive decisions, guided by the meaning they attach to children and parenthood. At the same time, through policies that promote or limit births, the state attempts to regulate individuals’ reproductive behavior. This talk centers on urban Chinese individuals’ fertility decision-making under the 2016 universal two-child policy. By examining what children mean, I highlight how a gendered pursuit of individualism underlies women’s and men’s fertility aspiration and behavior.

Voter Registration and Health Summit

Take part in a citywide Voter Registration Drive & Health Summit at the Historic New Haven Green. This event is FREE and will feature Music, Community Groups, and free Flu Vaccines. If you are not registered to vote, come on down, get registered, stay for a flu vaccine and other health info. This event is sponsored by Yale Emergency Medicine, Arts Council Greater New Haven, & The Urban Professionals Network.

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