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This fall, the M.E.D. Working Group for Anti-Racism is organizing a series of roundtable conversations with spatial practitioners, activists, and scholars whose work contends with the complex relationship between race, space, and social justice.

Writing as Art and Technology: Six Objects from the Gallery

In celebration of the National Day on Writing on October 20, a team of Gallery curators discuss six fascinating works made across time and cultures and explore the role of writing as art and technology. Ranging from a Chinese ritual bronze to a European Book of Hours to an American porcelain vase, the objects in this presentation demonstrate that writing is not only a means of disseminating knowledge, it is also a form of adornment and a reflection of artistic and technological developments throughout the world. 

Mondays at Beinecke: The Songs of Cole and Johnson Brothers with Lisa Williamson

James Weldon Johnson, along with his brother, musician J. Rosamond Johnson, and showman Bob Cole, made up one of the most successful songwriting teams of the first decade of the twentieth century. The trio actively worked to elevate Black stage performance away from minstrelsy, the only avenue available for Black performers at the time, by challenging societal expectations at the turn of the century through their popular songs and stage shows.
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Mondays at Beinecke: Carmen De Lavallade and Geoffrey Holder’s Wedding Photos, Westport, 1955, with Frank Mitchell

Public historian and curator Wm. Frank Mitchell will discuss the 1955 wedding photos of Carmen De Lavallade and Geoffrey Holder by Saul Mariber from the Carl Van Vechten Papers Relating to African American Arts and Letters. The photographs (for an example, see: document the wedding of De Lavallade and Holder at Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Westport, and their reception at Clarence Derwent House.
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Webinar: Defying Illegality: Organizing in and around Migrant Detention

Amidst ongoing debates about policing and mass incarceration, migrant detention centers have been focal points for mobilizations against the U.S. carceral regime. Through coordinated protest, testimonial acts, and hunger strikes, incarcerated migrants have drawn attention to systemic abuses in prisons, while defending their rights to belonging, family unification, and transnational mobility. Their actions revealed the ways that ICE used the COVID-19 pandemic to further repress prisoners.

African Museums in Dialogue: Restitution, Repatriation, and the Global Pandemic

Join Desiree Dibasen !Nanuses, Acting Chief Curator and Collections Curator for the National Art Gallery of Namibia, and Raphael Chikukwa, Executive Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, for a conversation about restitution, repatriation, and the global pandemic from an African point of view. Moderated by James Green, the Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation Assistant Curator of African Art. Generously cosponsored by the Yale MacMillan Center Council on African Studies and the Yale University Art Gallery’s Martin A. Ryerson Lectureship Fund.

Lecture | Vanessa Avery, "Love Thy Neighbor: Community-Building and the Process of Humanization"

Dr. Vanessa Avery invites you to this session to learn about the practice of interfaith community-building and how it offers a unique way to heal pervasive social divisions, polarizations, fears, misunderstandings, and bias, replacing these with understanding, compassion, trust, and love. How does community-building work to achieve these results? What are the resources needed for an effective and sustainable process? And what are some potential obstacles to success?

VIRTUAL: Adventures in Space-Making with the Rev. Phiwa Langeni

If you’ve ever wondered about ways to better engage with LGBTQ+ youth in your setting, you’ll want to join this webinar as the Rev. Phiwa Langeni shares about their experiences in youth ministry and, most recently, founding Salus Center, Lansing, Michigan’s only LGBTQ+ resource and community center. In addition to learning practical tips on language, pronouns, and other queer-related issues, you’ll gain insights on simple changes you can make in your own practices to create space for LGBTQ+ youth and others you intend to serve.

VIRTUAL: Innovation, Imagination, and Frustration: New Directions for Youth Ministry

Everyone knows that existing models for caring for teens (especially in ecclesial contexts) are pretty tired. The problem is that the church in North America often struggles to do excellent and compelling work. It also struggles to innovate. This webinar will explore some basic ideas to stimulate your imagination about how to impact teens/young adults in your community through innovative thinking. We will look at an innovative model of ministry that has been developed in the Pacific Northwest and it’s engagement in the world of social enterprise.

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