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In Person | Youth & Future - Manifesto for Change - Call for Ideas

Italian artist issues call to youth at Yale and around the world to join project for global change

Join this global essay competition! Write and submit your composition for a chance to be published. Share your story - share your voice!

Invitation to all Yale students, faculty and staff (ages 18-35),

“I hope this cultural manifesto created by young people for a future society, might help us find our inner compass at a time when fog and apathy appear to have enveloped us obscuring any hypothetical visual, and might be a spark for change.” - Giovanni Caccamo

Wildlife Walk - Spring Migrants!

A series exploring the nature trails, woodlands, and natural landscape of Yale’s West Campus. Spring migrant bird walk, hosted by the Yale Peabody Museum and colleagues. Meet at the West Campus Conference Center for a round trip walk of around 1.5 miles. Sturdy footwear recommended. Binoculars supplied. Refreshments at the West Campus Barn. Rain cancels.

Film + Q&A of CANOEROS: Living Memory a National Geographic Documentary

Canoeros: Living Memory shares an epic journey of the Kawésqar communities and National Geographic Pristine Seas across the Chilean Patagonian Ocean to defend an indigenous territory from the salmon industry.

Following the screening of the documentary, a question and answer panel will be held featuring two of the indigenous leaders featured in the film, Leticia Caro and Eric Huaiquil (members of the Kawésqar people), and Alex Muñoz, YSE McCluskey Fellow and former National Geographic Pristine Seas Director for Latin America.

The Role of Data in Public Health Equity & Innovation Conference

At the Yale School of Public Health, we believe that the future of public health will be defined by four pillars: inclusivity, innovation and entrepreneurship, communication, and data-driven leadership. It is through this commitment to data-driven leadership that we will convene a global, diverse and interdisciplinary group of leaders from academia, government, healthcare, and private industry.

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