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Take the Stress Out of Parenting

Parents are less stressed when their kids cooperate. Children are more cooperative when they feel positively connected with their parents. This interactive class will help you recognize myths and misunderstandings that get in the way of creating a calm, joyful family life. You’ll also gain skills in applying positive discipline and increasing cooperation with your children. You will have a chance to ask questions and get answers on the spot. You will also receive helpful handouts to look back on when you are trying out new approaches.

Belonging at Yale Series - Belonging: How can YOU share YOUR space with others?

The Future Leaders of Yale, Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Belonging at Yale invite you to the Belonging at Yale Series. This three-event series will focus on belonging in a complex workplace. These events will explore what the new term of belonging at an organization means and offer diverse experiences and pathways to show and be authentic in a workspace.

The third and final part of this series will take place on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 from 12:00-1:15PM around the topic of “Belonging: How can YOU share YOUR space with others?”.

Lonnie Holley & Mourning [A] BLKstar

Born in Jim Crow-era Birmingham, Alabama in 1950, Lonnie Holley was the seventh of 27 children—and at age four was taken from his mother and traded for a bottle of whiskey (Bloom). He fled abusive foster parents, was hit by a car (and declared brain dead) and was later sent to Alabama Industrial School for Negro Children—a “slave camp” by any other name (Missick). Holley’s work, born out of struggle, hardship—and more importantly, out of furious curiosity and biological necessity—manifests itself in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, filmmaking, and music.

Windham-Campbell Prizes Festival

The 2024 Windham-Campbell Prize recipients will be in residence on Yale’s campus from September 17-20 for a multi-day international literary festival during which they will share their work, engage in conversation on a range of subjects, and celebrate reading and the written word with the New Haven community.

The full schedule of talks, discussions, and readings will be available at in mid-August 2024.

Yale Alumni Academy Climate Change Conversations | Double Mitigation: Exploring Equitable Climate Change and Health Pathways

Yale Alumni Academy and the Yale School of the Environment have assembled a distinguished roster of expert faculty to address the leading climate change issues facing our wonderous planet. Please join us as we discuss Double Mitigation: Exploring Equitable Climate Change and Health Pathways with Dr. Daniel Carrión. Society is grappling with two fundamental questions: 1) how do we address entrenched social inequality, and 2) how do we mitigate the greenhouse gases that are driving our climate crisis?

Why Mapping? Some Lessons from an Art Historian’s DH Ditch

One of the key methodological interventions of Digital Humanities is the capacity to map one’s research data. With the advent of interactive digital maps in the early 2000s, space-oriented humanistic historical research has seen a dramatic growth with multiple visualization tools during the past two decades. As Richard White of now defunct Spatial History emphatically notes in his 2010 working paper, spatial visualization, i.e. mapping, is not a mere illustration to a narrative but “a means of doing research.”

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