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2nd Annual Yale Disability & Accessibility Symposium

The first week of April marks the anniversary of the April 5, 1977 historic Section 504 sit-in and protest in San Francisco, CA. Last year, students, faculty, and staff at Yale organized a day-long series of discussions and panels to mark the 45th anniversary of this critically important action. This year, we’ve expanded the event to offer an entire week of panel discussions, research presentations, exhibitions, and more on the subject of disability activism, inclusion, equity, and liberation.
Please note that events are a mix of virtual and in-person.

Empowering women and gender minorities in the workplace

This month is a time to reflect on the achievements of women and to discuss the issues that women still face today. The Professional Development Committee of YPA is hosting an event with prominent professional women, who will share their experiences on tackling different career challenges.
1:15-2:15pm “How to Find Your Power: Embracing Equity at Work & Beyond” by Claire Wasserman
2:15-2:45pm Q&A
2:45-3:00pm Coffee break
3:00-3:40pm Talk and Q&A with Amymarie Bartholomew, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Yale

Free Screening of "Los Eternos Indocumentados" by Jennifer Cárcamo

Join us for a free screening of the film “Los Eternos Indocumentados” by Jennifer Cárcamo, a Salvadoran scholar, filmmaker, and organizer, followed by a Q&A with her. The film is a documentary on Central American Refugees in the United States. This event is free and open to the public and will take place at Bregamos Theater, 491 Blatchley Ave, New Haven.

Towards a New Genealogy of Eugenics: Slavery and the Study of Race Crossing

Rana Hogarth, Associate Professor of History at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, will discuss how scientific endeavors to study mixed race people with Black and white ancestry in the early twentieth century did not emerge in a vacuum, nor did ideas about race that would later undergird eugenic race crossing studies on that very group of people. Slavery gave rise to myths and taxonomies that would come to dominate lay and scientific perceptions of mixed-race people’s bodies for years to come.

Yale Needs Women: Discussion Circle with Award-Winning Author Anne Perkins and Yale Alumnus Connie Royster

Jackson Women welcomes author and historian Anne Perkins, who will be discussing her award-winning book, Yale Needs Women, which tells the true story of the women who broke the gender barrier at Yale College in 1969. We’ll also be joined by alumnus Connie Royster ‘72, who is featured in the book.
Five attendees will receive a free book signed by the author.

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