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The Bookshop of Black Queer Diaspora: On the Contents of Rotimi Fani-Kayode’s Trunk

About this program
In recognition of Worlds AIDS Day on December 1, 2023, this talk will examine the history of neoliberalism and neocolonialism in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States as well as the history of Black queer art and activism through a series of visits to a make-believe Black queer bookshop and gallery. While the visits are fictional, the objects in the bookshop and their histories are real. The trunk owned by the Nigerian-born British photographer Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955–1989) will be a focus of this talk.

Something about the Nature of Architecture: The History of the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library

Yale’s Arts Library and the Art & Architecture building (now Rudolph Hall), have encountered numerous changes over the last 60 years, including a fire, adaptive reuse by students, incomplete renovations, and finally rehabilitation, restoration, and expansion. Though Rudolph’s original design has adapted to meet the changing needs of its occupants, the building–and the library–have retained many of his signature touches and the library remains a significant research center for art, art history, architecture and drama studies on Yale’s campus and beyond.

Hitting and Biting: Set Limits and Get Back on Track with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Is your little one suddenly hitting or biting others in frustration? Have you tried to resolve these challenging behaviors, and nothing seems to work? You are not alone. Learn why challenging behaviors are typical at this age and how a positive approach to discipline, applying practical routines and finding strategies to manage your reactions can make all the difference.

The 26th Lewis Walpole Library Lecture "Music on the Dark Side of 1800: Listening to the Blind Virtuosa, Mademoiselle Paradis"

In concerts across Europe in the 1780s, the young Viennese virtuosa Maria Theresia Paradis made blindness visible, even audible. Her performances invited listeners and viewers primed by horror ballads and literary romance to experience her story of trauma and misfortune within the frame of fictional narratives of doomed innocence and victimized Gothic heroines.

Dario Valles: "Participatory Methods: Digital Storytelling, Documentary, & Testimonios"

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Dario Valles, Assistant Professor of Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies at California State University, Long Beach, an interdisciplinary anthropologist whose research lies at the intersection of gender/sexuality, race, transnational migration and technology linking Central America, Mexico and the US. Dr. Valles’ current work includes developing a feature-length, participatory documentary entitled No Separate Survival on the global asylum crisis converging in Mexico.

"Counter-Archives" with Nancy Escalante

How does community-based archiving reimagine the conventional archive? Join us for a conversation about community-based archiving with Nancy Escalante, PhD Candidate in American Studies, as she talks about her dissertation project. She will discuss the María Guardado Collective and raise questions about conventional forms of knowledge production and the usefulness of thinking with a “counter-archive.” Escalante’s project explores how U.S.

Performance All the Way Down: Book Launch

Peabody curator and Yale ornithologist Richard Prum sits down with professor Joanna Radin to discuss his new book “Performance All the Way Down: Genes, Development, and Sexual Difference”. This much anticipated follow-up to 2017’s “Evolution of Beauty”, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, applies queer feminist theory to developmental genetics, arguing that individuals are not essentially male or female.

Blood Drive 2023

Come give blood Nov. 10-30 for an exclusive pair of Elf & Red Cross socks, while supplies last! Join us to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the film Elf and make giving blood a holiday tradition!

Please call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit RedCrossBlood.org and enter: AdvancedCT to schedule an appointment.

Address: 169 Davenport Avenue New Haven, CT 06519

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