July: New Academic Year Belonging at Yale Resources

Be curious about belonging

Whether you are a new or longstanding member of the Yale community, we invite you to Be Open and Be Curious about belonging at Yale.Kimberly Goff-Crews, Secretary and Vice President for University Life

Together with students, faculty, staff and alumni across our university community, Secretary and Vice President for University Life Kimberly Goff-Crews is leading Yale’s work to promote an environment of welcome, inclusion, respect, and excellence at Yale.

Through Belonging at Yale, you can stay informed about actions and progress at Yale and celebrate the diversity of our community each month.

Finally, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the many Belonging at Yale resources developed to help support learning, engagement, and connection.

Explore all that Belonging at Yale offers and share your ideas for how we can deepen a culture of belonging for you at Yale.

Actions and Progress

Be Involved

Being Well at Yale and Belonging at Yale, partnered to offer its first “doga” yoga practice.Join a student organization or employee affinity group, attend a lecture, or volunteer on a service project. Explore the many ways to engage in efforts to create a more inclusive, equitable, and welcoming community.


Yale and Slavery Supportive Resources to guide Yale community members and others in becoming more aware of a history that includes the involvement of some of Yale’s early leaders and residents of New Haven and Connecticut in the promotion of slavery, anti-Black racism, and other forms of exploitation of Black and Indigenous people.

Review information on the policies that strengthen Yale’s community of learning and protect all its members, university entities that study or foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, and relevant reports and policy statements.

Learn about and engage with antiracist concepts, techniques, and best practices to help support a sense of belonging for every community member.

Support Resources

Review a comprehensive list of resources for students, faculty, and staff seeking guidance, assistance, or information.

Highlighted resources include:

  • Accessibility Resources at Yale – Yale is committed to providing equal access to and full participation in its programs and activities to people with disabilities. Review information on topics such as campus access, accommodations, instruction, digital access, and more.
  • Chaplain’s Office – The Chaplain’s Office compliments the University’s task of educating students and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. This Office fosters respect and mutual understanding among people of different faiths and cultures and actively promotes dialogue within the University.
  • Resources to Address Discrimination and Harassment Concerns – Discrimination and harassment contradict our community’s standards and ideals. If you have experienced either, been witness to a situation, or just need to talk, we encourage you to seek support.
  • Title IX at Yale – The Title IX Office is an important part of Yale’s efforts to foster an environment of respect and belonging. It serves as a resource for the entire Yale community and consults with them about their concerns and questions about sex- and gender-based discrimination. This includes sexual misconduct and discrimination, or harassment based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, non-conformance with gender stereotypes, and parenting or pregnancy status.
  • Doxing and Other Online Abuse and Harassment - Doxing (or “doxxing”) is sourcing and collecting someone’s personal or private information and releasing it publicly and/or online. This and other forms of online abuse and harassment, such as cyberbullying and trolling, can be deeply upsetting and alarming, and they can cause intense emotional strain and mental health challenges. Yale has resources to help those who are experiencing online abuse and harassment.