Resources for doxing and other online abuse and harassment

Doxing (or “doxxing”) is sourcing and collecting someone’s personal or private information and releasing it publicly and/or online. This and other forms of online abuse and harassment, such as cyberbullying and trolling, can be deeply upsetting and alarming, and they can cause intense emotional strain and mental health challenges. Yale has resources to help those who are experiencing online abuse and harassment.

How to get help

Personal and online safety

Contact Sergeant Kristina Reech (cell phone 203-464-4514) or Officer Gabrielle Cotto (cell phone 475- 267-9622) of the Yale Police Department.

Resources and information for online abuse and harassment (PDF)

Responding to media inquiries

Please email the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.

Mental health

Students: Contact Mental Health and Counseling at Yale Health at (203) 432-0290 during business hours and for urgent concerns after hours. 

Faculty, staff, and post-docs: Find information about Yale’s Employee Assistance Program at Yale Signature Benefits | It’s Your Yale

Everyone: The Chaplain’s Office (Old Campus, Bingham Hall, Entryway D; 203-432-1128), Yale Religious Ministries; the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale (203-432-9419); and Muslim Life at Yale (203-432-8753) are among the resources available to all members of our community.

Additional resources