Review of Discrimination and Harassment Response Infrastructure

October 15, 2018

Announcement from Secretary and Vice President for Student Life Kimberly Goff-Crews on October 15

In his message to the campus community August 1, President Salovey announced a review to examine the infrastructure that supports institutional responses to discrimination and harassment, including the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs, so that the University can make any needed adjustments to enhance its ability to support all members of our community.

I am pleased to announce that Benjamin D. Reese, Jr., Psy.D., vice president for the Office for Institutional Equity at Duke University and Health System, will lead the review of the resources that support students.  Dr. Reese has more than forty years of experience as a consultant to educational and other institutions in the areas of organizational change, cross-cultural education, and diversity. 

Dr. Reese will be joined by Donna Cable, Yale’s associate vice president for human resources, who will provide institutional expertise, examine resources for staff complaints and concerns, and contribute to the recommendations with a specific focus on support for staff.  The Office of the Secretary and Vice President for Student Life will provide coordination and support for the review.

Dr. Reese will join Ms. Cable on campus on Tuesday, October 30, and Monday, November 5.  We expect their schedule to include meetings with deans, faculty members, administrators, and staff who work with students on discrimination and harassment concerns – either in their daily work, or as members of specific committees, and with human resources leaders and staff representatives.  Dr. Reese also will meet with students who have provided input to University leaders over the past year.  After his visits, Dr. Reese will work with Ms. Cable to provide recommendations to the administration.