Cafe IT: “Slump & Grow”

Event time: 
Wednesday, October 19, 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
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Calendar Speaker/Performer: 
Tedd Darash - Yale ITS Senior Project Manager
Event description: 

Please join Tedd Darash, Senior Project Manager, who will help us reflect on, understand, and provide some tools to help those “slump” times we all go through.

Tedd brings a 35-year career experience at Pitney Bowes to Yale.

Slump – “a period during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively, especially a period during which an athlete ir team fails to play or score as well as usual.” –

The “slump” phenomenon is an experience shared by many. In this presentation Tedd will lead a discussion on “slumps” formulated by some research intertwined with his 35 years of personal experience examples.

There are signs to recognize when we are in one, and steps to take to get out and when we are out, are we possibly better than before?
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