VIRTUAL: 2020 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The world may look a little different right now, but one thing hasn’t changed: the commitment to ending Alzheimer’s. This year, Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is everywhere — on every sidewalk, track, and trail. Support the Yale Affinity Group team for the 2020 Walk to End Alzheimer’s®, the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.

Good Society Forum: God and the Good Society: Spirituality in a Time of Pandemic

The global pandemic has forced us to not only examine what makes a good society, but what makes a good life. The pandemic has made us conscious - as if we needed any reminders - of the incredible gaps between privilege and poverty, wealth and marginalization. Social justice, or the lack thereof, has been a major factor in the way people have experienced this time. Faith leaders, religious institutions and activists moved by their spirituality have been at the forefront of confronting these inequalities and deep social fissures.

Good Society Forum: Gender equality and the good society

There has been progress all around the world over the last few decades in improving women’s rights. Gender equity legislation has become common. Nevertheless, family law is often discriminatory, domestic violence is widespread, and female participation in politics and public life is often low. So how do we achieve gender equality? What is the role of government, religious leaders, civil society and human rights activists? On 8 July, we will be joined by three women from the Middle East and North Africa to discuss how Covid 19 is impacting the struggle for equal rights in their region.

Good Society Forum: How do we embed racial equity in our future vision of the good society?

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed deep fault lines in our societies, including the disproportionate health and economic impact on minority communities. A recent independent report in the UK entitled Disparities in the risk and outcomes of COVID-19 confirmed Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups were more likely to die from COVID-19 than their white counterparts. We have seen similar statistics in other nations including Norway and the United States.

Yale SOM Exchange | Regenerative Finance: A Path to Economic Justice

The COVID-19 crisis and George Floyd tragedy have increased awareness of the urgency for health equity, racial equity, and economic resiliency. Can channeling capital to invest in local communities help? Once the exclusive realm of the super-affluent, regulatory changes and new financial tools have opened opportunities for investors of any wealth status to align their money with their values. Now, more than ever, communities and individuals need to recognize their power to make significant change toward social and economic justice.

Good Society Forum: Building inclusive and welcoming societies in a time of COVID divisions

We have seen communities respond to the current crisis in very positive ways, from coming together to clap for our nurses and doctors – daily in cities like New York and weekly here in London – to locally self-organising and providing mutual support to help their most vulnerable neighbours. However, with many groups remaining overlooked, we have also seen the crisis fuel a toxic mix of fear and resentment in some countries, including rising xenophobia, inter-generational angst, and rising tensions between cities and regions.

The Power of Protest: Human Rights at Home and Abroad

The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will host the online panel discussion, “The Power of Protest: Human Rights at Home and Abroad.” The event will be delivered via Zoom Webinar.
The discussion, which is open to the public, will be moderated by Ambassador Harry Thomas, Jackson Senior Fellow and former U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, and Deanna Johnson, Jackson MA student, Class of 2021.
Guest speakers include:

Zoom Webinar Event: Yale SOM Exchange - Leading Through COVID

Join Yale SOM Faculty and Alumni for a Yale SOM Exchange Event: Leading through COVID. Leaders in every industry are scrambling to achieve their goals while staying connected to employees and remaining economically viable. In this live conversation, we’ll talk with alumni working in healthcare, at nonprofits, and in the private sector about the managerial challenges they’ve faced—and the solutions they’ve found—during COVID-19. Bring your questions and your own stories of professional life in a pandemic.

Good Society Forum: Why Have Minorities Suffered Most From COVID-19?

Whilst everyone is at risk of catching COVID19, it has become apparent that the impact of the pandemic is not being felt equally, particularly in the most developed nations of the world. Data from the UK Government shows that ethnic minorities have statistically significant raised risks of death involving COVID19 than those of white ethnicity, with black males 4.2 times more likely, and black females are 4.3 more likely.

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