Yale v. Holy Cross Halftime Show: Día de Independencia Mexicana !

Come celebrate Mexican culture & independence at the Yale vs. Holy Cross football game halftime show! This Latine Heritage Month performance showcases an exciting narrated collaboration between Mariachi Lux Et Veritas de Yale and the Yale Precision Marching Band. Come help us indulge in the rhythms of Mexican Independence on Saturday, September 16th at the Yale Bowl.

Automating Injustice

In this virtual presentation, Dr. Abeba Birhane will address the ways that individuals and groups at the margins of society pay the highest price when AI systems fail, while the most privileged and powerful corporations benefit.

Yale Library Book Talk: Jill Newmark, "From Ivy League to US Navy: Richard Henry Greene, Black Civil War Surgeon"

Historian Jill Newmark will discuss her research on Richard Henry Greene, the first African American to graduate from Yale University and a key figure in her new book Without Concealment, Without Compromise: The Courageous Lives of Black Civil War Surgeons.

Playing With Fire: Incandescent Pedagogies and Critical Politics (Mexico City, 2016-22)

This conference focuses on the ways in which the protest- in particular young feminist and student protest in México City- can be visualized, translated, most of all read and theorized as crucially pedagogical and critically political. Much of what is expressed, drawn, painted during the protest (graffiti, murals, pintas) fades or vanishes below the surface. My aim is to stay with what vanishes and fades, with what is incommensurable or difficult to be narrated or placed together, and may be constitutive of a political discourse or a pedagogical intervention.

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