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Gender Series Conversation I: Debates Sobre Violencia de Género en América Latina (Spanish & English)

La lucha contra la violencia de género en América Latina
“La profundización de la violencia de género en un contexto de restauración patriarcal”.
Mgtr. Andrea Tuana. Trabajadora social. Directora de El Paso, ONG orientada al trabajo en derechos humanos y violencia doméstica y sexual (Uruguay).
“Estado cómplice y responsable: las reparaciones judiciales a víctimas de violencia doméstica en Colombia”.
Mgtr. Natalia Soledad Aprile. Abogada. Profesora e investigadora de Derecho Público y Género (Universidad del Rosario – Colombia)

Help Us Make History: Welcome to Campus

Be a primary source! Stop by to write a postcard for the University archives. The prompt for the postcards is “What excites you about being on campus?” The first 100 students in attendance will receive a leather-bound journal from Yale University Libraries. Stickers, pens, and snacks will also be available.

This event is part of our Help us Make History initiative, which gathers the experiences of Yale students during the pandemic. Students are also invited to submit online.

Wonderful Books and Where to Find Them!

The New Haven Free Public Library, in partnership with the Yale Affinity Groups, is excited to continue this new book club for families focusing on topics of social importance! This month we focus on people with disabilities with a reading of What Happened to YOU?, by James Catch-pole. Come for the reading, and stay for the discussion! Questions? Call (203) 946-8129. No registration is required. Join us via the Zoom link:

Dinosaurs at the Peabody

Join the Working Women’s Network, Yale Peabody Museum, and the New Haven Free Public Library for a dinosaur event.

The Division of Vertebrate Paleontology houses one of the most important vertebrate fossil collections in North America, including many of the first dinosaurs ever discovered and named. This behind-the-scenes tour is your chance to see where fossilized bones from well-known dinosaurs like Brontosaurus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus and Stegosaurs are stored.

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