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VIRTUAL: Anti-Chinese Immigration and Apocalypse in US History

Since its “discovery,” America has been imagined as a heavenly destination, identified with the New Jerusalem of the Bible as a paradise and refuge. This apocalyptic metaphor has also helped create exclusionary and violent policies against unwanted people groups. This talk by Professor Yii-Jan Lin, Assistant Professor of New Testament at the Yale Divinity School, will focus on US policies and attitudes toward Chinese immigration and the influence of apocalyptic metaphors and conceptualizations of America.

"How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another," Distinguished Speaker Virtual Talk by Ainissa Ramirez

Often when we discuss the development of chemicals and substances, the conversation usually focuses on how scientists and inventors synthesized them. In this talk, materials scientist and science writer Ainissa Ramirez will highlight how simple materials and the inventions they enabled shaped society. Based on her new book The Alchemy of Us, she will show how everyday inventions had a hand in fashioning language, politics, and even our bodies.

Debates históricos en torno al aborto legal: Chile, Argentina y Mexico / Historical Debates on Legal Abortion: Chile, Argentina, and Mexico

Please join us for the last event in our special webinar series held on the last Friday of every month. Led by Professor Moira Fradinger, this series is a part of a collaborative effort with CLAIS, Latin American Interdisciplinary Gender Network, and The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) to highlight gender studies and gender issues in Latin America.

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