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Beyond the Studio

This season, we invite you to a two day workshop on the topic of healing spaces. With the growing need for more therapeutic, spiritual, wellness, and restorative justice spaces, where do we begin to find our way in personal and collective healing?

VIRTUAL: Perspectives on Progress in Local Environmental Justice

Hear from two of Connecticut’s leading figures in environmental justice on how progress is made, from the grassroots activist level to the political level. Sharon Lewis introduces us to the work of the CT Coalition for Environmental Justice, describing the ways that they attempt to educate politicians, overcome common roadblocks, and ultimately get attention towards the most relevant issues through strategic communications.

Racial Justice Art Expo

Racial Justice Art Showcase
October 2 | Presented by YPA Racial Justice Subcommittee and the LGBTQ+ Affinity Group
We want to see your Pandemic Art! Centered around the theme of “racial justice,” we are asking all Yale and New Haven community members to submit art pieces.
Prepare your masterpieces with one of these sub-themes in mind:
Stop Asian hate
Free Palestine
Black Lives Matter
Trans Rights are Human Rights
Protect native lands
No human is illegal
Create your own!

Gender Series Conversation I: Debates Sobre Violencia de Género en América Latina (Spanish & English)

La lucha contra la violencia de género en América Latina
“La profundización de la violencia de género en un contexto de restauración patriarcal”.
Mgtr. Andrea Tuana. Trabajadora social. Directora de El Paso, ONG orientada al trabajo en derechos humanos y violencia doméstica y sexual (Uruguay).
“Estado cómplice y responsable: las reparaciones judiciales a víctimas de violencia doméstica en Colombia”.
Mgtr. Natalia Soledad Aprile. Abogada. Profesora e investigadora de Derecho Público y Género (Universidad del Rosario – Colombia)

Help Us Make History: Welcome to Campus

Be a primary source! Stop by to write a postcard for the University archives. The prompt for the postcards is “What excites you about being on campus?” The first 100 students in attendance will receive a leather-bound journal from Yale University Libraries. Stickers, pens, and snacks will also be available.

This event is part of our Help us Make History initiative, which gathers the experiences of Yale students during the pandemic. Students are also invited to submit online.

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