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Captioning Your Media at Yale: Options and Basics

Have media you need to caption, but unsure what your responsibilities are or captioning under Yale’s Accessibility Policy, where to begin, or what options are available? This two-hour training via Zoom covers paid options for captioning your media through our Preferred Captioning Vendors 3Play Media and, as well as free options, like YouTube. Attendees will leave understanding their obligations under Yale’s policy, the differences between the major captioning file types, and how to create, edit, and sync captions to their media for both Canvas courses and websites.

Accessible Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations and PDFs

This beginner’s document accessibility Zoom workshop is designed to train staff in the basic methods used for making Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, and PDFs digitally accessible, for inclusion on University websites or for University-related business, including teaching, student services, and other administrative support. It is appropriate for anyone interested in learning how to make documents used in everyday university business more accessible and will cover the fundamentals of document creation and remediation.

Developers Lunch-and-Learn: Accessibility

The topic for this session is “404 Not Found: Error Messaging and Accessibility.” Learn how to provide accessible error identification to users with disabilities. Accessible error identification, in particular, benefits users who are blind or visually impaired and users with cognitive impairments. Good error identification has benefits for all users. Topics covered include: error identification on form submit, inline form error indication, alert box error messages, dynamic form validation, and color.
Zoom link available through Yale’s Training and Management System (TMS).

The Power of Protest: Human Rights at Home and Abroad

The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will host the online panel discussion, “The Power of Protest: Human Rights at Home and Abroad.” The event will be delivered via Zoom Webinar.
The discussion, which is open to the public, will be moderated by Ambassador Harry Thomas, Jackson Senior Fellow and former U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, and Deanna Johnson, Jackson MA student, Class of 2021.
Guest speakers include:

Digital Accessibility Office Hours

To join office hours via Zoom, use this link:
Have a question about digital accessibility? Want a person to show you what you need to do in real time? Visit our monthly office hours to get hands-on assistance with your websites, your documents, your social media, communications, and more. Learn how to use Siteimprove, or get a manual check on that flier you’re about to send to the printer. Let us refresh your memory on making your PDFs screen-readable. You get the idea.

Zoom Webinar Event: Yale SOM Exchange - Leading Through COVID

Join Yale SOM Faculty and Alumni for a Yale SOM Exchange Event: Leading through COVID. Leaders in every industry are scrambling to achieve their goals while staying connected to employees and remaining economically viable. In this live conversation, we’ll talk with alumni working in healthcare, at nonprofits, and in the private sector about the managerial challenges they’ve faced—and the solutions they’ve found—during COVID-19. Bring your questions and your own stories of professional life in a pandemic.

Good Society Forum: Why Have Minorities Suffered Most From COVID-19?

Whilst everyone is at risk of catching COVID19, it has become apparent that the impact of the pandemic is not being felt equally, particularly in the most developed nations of the world. Data from the UK Government shows that ethnic minorities have statistically significant raised risks of death involving COVID19 than those of white ethnicity, with black males 4.2 times more likely, and black females are 4.3 more likely.

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