Yale Infographic Posters 2022

Belonging at Yale is the name for activities to enhance diversity and accessibility, support equity, and promote an environment of welcome, inclusion, and respect. Through Belonging at Yale, the university and members of its community strive to create an environment in which diverse teams can work together to solve common issues, where policies are in place to help effectively respond to our shared issues and concerns, and where everyone feels they have a stake in our communal excellence and growth.

To create a better Yale, where all members of the community can tackle the complex issues that challenge us today, President Salovey asked each school and administrative division to develop a five-year plan to support and enhance diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and belonging through actions appropriate to the units’ specific cultures and needs. 

These posters provide an overview of the priorities, accomplishments to date, and continuing work identified within the five-year plans. Common themes reflected in the posters include faculty and staff recruitment, the New Haven community, school- and division specific communities, scholarship, teaching, and communication.